Monday, June 11, 2012

Donkey and Mule Show (Lots of pics)

This is my vet's husband showing one of their donkeys...this is Queen Anne.
This is just a big mule that I fell in love with his coloring...notice the zebra striping on his legs.
This is my vet friend's husband waiting to show their paint mule, Booger.

And these are two of her jenny donkeys, Ellie Mae and Sangria.  Don't ya just love the names?
This is Booger going out for the trail course.  This is what I want to do!  I told Buddy I'm setting me up a trail course out in the arena area.  So much for his roping pen...ha! it's going to be an obstacle course!!
Booger side passing over the rail..
This little cowgirl was showing her mini donkey at the other end of the arena on the trail course.  I don't know who's cuter...the mini donkey or the little girl!
These four mini donkeys were just cute...four little butts walking in front of me just screamed out "take our picture!"
A couple more mini donkeys...
You can't really tell the size of this little girl but if you look at the mini's in the above picture, you maybe can tell just how tiny this little 8 mos old girl is... her little hooves were about the size of a milk jug cap. 
  Gotta tell ya...I'm hooked.  We had a pair of mules years ago and, oh, how I miss them.  Mules have the most forgiving eyes. 
Happy Trails...


  1. Cool. Great pics and looks like fun. I used to show horses.
    The little mule at the bottom is cute for sure!

  2. Totally blows the "mules are stubborn." :) My husband would love to have a donkey or two, but they can be loud! Our neighbors already put up with chickens and goats (I point out). Of course we put up with their fire works and barking dogs.

  3. we have 3 mini-mules that live next door (and i feed every evening when i feed our 2 horses). they're cuties.

    i do really like that dun-colored mule!

  4. Now Berte, this was entertaining - best post I've seen today! So, do you like mules better than horses? I think "mule folks" are really serious about their mules. I love the mini-donkeys. We have a fellow down the road that raises them, and they are so cute! Especially the babies! Glad you showed this!

  5. I love horses but mules are just fun. 90% of the folks at the mule show were horse people that got sick and tired of the politics at horse shows and are showing mules because it's fun. Everyone comes out and has a good time. Honestly, if the right mule came my way, I do believe I'd try to make it happen for it to stay in my pasture.

  6. I love donkeys and mules! We had a standard donkey for awhile until one of the horses started picking on him. Then recently, we had a mini donkey jenny and her little baby jenny. We sold them to some people who raise miniature horses and they were thrilled to get them. I still miss the girls. (sigh)

  7. Now that just had to be a fun day at the show! Love all the pics!

  8. Good Morning Berte. Those mini's are as cute as can be. I can't wait to see you with your mules in your new trail course. I can picture hubby on the side with that "what happened" look.

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute


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