Thursday, June 7, 2012

Calling All Turkey Experts

My turkey poults will be 8 weeks old this Sunday.  I think I have a tom and a hen but not sure.  The smaller one, which I think is a hen, just peeps and the larger one has gobbled when we're out yelling for some reason or another.  The larger one's neck is starting to bud out those ugly turkey caruncles which are already turning blue and red.

This is the one I think is a tom.

And in the bottom two pictures, is the one I think is a hen.
So...I'm asking all you turkey experts out there to tell me what other clues can give me a hint to the sex of these guys.  I pretty much know the first one is a tom but not sure about the second's much smaller, only peeps and it's neck is not changing at the same rate as the tom.  I guess if  "it" starts changing like the other one, I'll know I have two toms.....lovely...
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  1. Definitely not an expert, but I do have some experience. I have noticed that the boys will display very early, especially if they are startled. They tend to get very big, and drop their wings and lift their tails a bit, and look like a "big boy". Girls seem to be flightier, and if startled, jump out of the way.

    This is not a science, as you can see. I have often been surprised by my birds and called them "him" and "her" and been completely wrong. I think you may be in a wait and see kind of deal.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  2. Oh, you know what I forgot to mention? The boys make a weird purring kind of click that the girls don't, I've noticed. I don't know if that helps either, but maybe?

  3. I'm no help either, all I know about turkey's is that yours are pretty cute, whatever they are! :-)

  4. No help here either. Never raised turkeys. But I do like to eat fresh farm raised turkey. Bought two the last two years for turkey day!! yum yum!! Maybe some day I'll convince my man to raise some;)

  5. Oh gosh-
    I know nothing about raising turkeys.
    Even though I am a rancher's/farmer's daughter!
    Enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.
    I was so excited to find another Texas blogger!


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  6. No help here either but I like your reasoning! Keep us posted and maybe we will all learn! :)

  7. Nothing here either for the whole boy girl turkey tell. Just had to comment on how pretty their feathers are. Hoping for one of each for you. When you learn what you have you will have to post it. And how you finally figured it out.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead


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