Friday, June 15, 2012

Doing the Horse Shuffle

Remember me posting that my daughter brought her little mare in on my birthday so the kids could ride with me?  Well, she was (and still is) for sale but ended up cutting her pastern (right below her back ankle) which is the worst place for a horse to get she's still here getting treated and on the mend.  Vet says it's gonna take 6 months.  Joy, joy...


And remember that at the same day on my birthday when she left this mare, she took Buddy's roping horse, Cinch?   3-1=2

Add back this guy that I went to Houston to pick up for my daughter.   2+1=3

Add this red gelding we bought for the grandkids.  We've been looking for something the kids could ride for playdays at church.  This guy is one of the sweetest ranch horses I've been around.     3+1=4

Daughter returns hubby's horse...  4+1=5

Exit the grey gelding...he's my daughter's so "adios"...  5-1=4
Whew! Are ya confused yet?  I am!  This has been a merry-go-round.... 
Happy Trails...


  1. Beautiful animals, all of them, Berte. Playing "musical horsies" I see! I want a horse. We've got some fencing to do and a barn to build. Better get busy on it before my back gives out! Maybe I can just come ride with you. I want the grandkids' horse... :)

  2. my goodness! you've got a horse carousel! :)

  3. I'll never get over my love for horses. Your equines are devine. :D

  4. What nice horses you have! Glad you found a good one for the grandkids and I hope the mare's pastern heals up nicely! :)

  5. Goodness gracious, your barn has a revolving door! Lovely horses!


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