Monday, August 1, 2011

The Texas Drought - Before and Now

Look at the difference between my header and this one now during the drought. Nothing but dry, dusty dirt and no pecans forming on the trees. Ugh.. It's 104 with an expected heat index of 110. I think I'll do some more praying and get out my umbrella.
Happy Trails...


  1. amen to that. this week is going to be insanely brutal - like insult after injury. stupid hot...

  2. it's wicked hot here too, Berte. people are selling their livestock, no hay, no water, creeks and ponds drying up. think I'll join you... stay cool...

  3. It went up to 107 this afternoon! Vickie, the livestock auction barn is having to hold cattle for up to a week because the slaughter houses are so backed up. Next year, beef is going to sky-rocket because there won't be any.


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