Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cotton Prices and the Texas Drought

This is the irrigation canal across the road from us that supplies the cotton crop next to it. It's looking pretty good.

And then this is the cotton crop behind us that is not irrigated. This year it costs $100 just in seed to plant 100 acres and, with no rain, if it's not irrigated, there is little yield. And we can only guess that cotton prices are going to skyrocket. Hay is like gold around here...hard to find..

This is looking out across my front yard. Just across from our brown grass is the road, then the canal and then the irrigated crops.

Well, it does provide a nice swimmin' hole for the dogs. It's pretty deep out in the middle.

Sarah's fitting in real good with the "crew"..you can see she's the first one headed back to the house! Maybe someday she'll feel comfortable enough to jump in the canal with everyone else.

Happy Trails...



  1. Remember the old nursery rhyme song, "Rain, rain, go away---come again some other day"? Ha.

  2. oh, at least they have a water source to play in! one of these days the rains will come!

  3. Hi Berte - Sarah is fitting right. Well you're up to 5 pooches now! ha!

    I know what you mean about the cotton and hay. People are begging for hay around here. We have round bales in our pastures already bought and paid for. The hay guy only got one cutting this summer and it's very sparse with no rain. Don't know if he's gonna get another cutting or not. I'm halfway scared that someone is going to cut our chains and come in the pasture and try to steal some if we don't get a rain soon. People stop by our house all the time asking to buy our hay.

    My yard looks like yours. You've still got such a pretty place...

  4. I pray the heat wave leaves and the rains begin.

    In KY we have had a heat wave but still have thunderstorm here and there. But, our hay production is down this year == not by much, but less than last year.

    enjoy your blog
    i’m following-

  5. Well, I know what you mean. The cotton field behind our home and all of the neighboring fields are dry and vacant. The drought has wiped all of the farmers out. This is the first year in 10 years since we moved out here, that there has been no cotton in the fields. blessings,Kathleen


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