Monday, June 29, 2009

Winged Creatures

I've enjoyed several of your blogs with a weekly challenge of particular pictures. This past Sunday was "things with wings". It's funny how a couple of my pictures for today ended up being with wings. The boys happened across this gorgeous moth last night - it's probably about four inches across. I'm hoping you can click on the picture and get a better close up of all the turquoise colors in this moth.

I know now that I'm asking Santa for a zoom lens for my camera.

My next winged creature is my broody hen. Why in the world she wants to get broody in triple digit temperatures, I have no idea. I'm all for letting her sit on a batch of eggs and see if they hatch out but this hen can't decide which nest box she wants! Seems every time she gets out to eat and drink, she returns to another box. I'd let her keep some of the eggs she was sitting on but then she changes her mind. Too heck with that...I just gathered up all the eggs last night. She seemed content to be left on a nest.

I'm open for suggestions on how to keep her on one nest to let her hatch some out.

I've given up on the back garden except for the watermelons and I think I'm gonna have to let the chickens have them too. I have watered and watered and it is so blasted hot here, the heat has literally sucked out all the moisture from the plants. And whatever is produced seems to turn bad in a day. Even the watermelons are splitting. So it's back to the drawing board on how to improve the garden for the next go-round.

Dottie doesn't have wings but she sure can fly up to some high places. There have been days when I have searched and searched for her and she eventually shows up. I think her favorite spot is back in this far corner above my kitchen cabinets.

If she's not up high, she's learned to open drawers and cabinets and get in there. I had no idea I was going to have to "child" proof my home for a cat.

Happy Trails...


  1. What a hoot your critters are, Berte! Dottie is one smart cat (and pretty, too) !

    My garden is languishing, too. We haven't had any rain in quite awhile and I'm watering away.

    Hey, you! I have been singing, whistling, humming "Tumbling Tumbleweed" for the past few months now. It was my granddad's favorite song. I can't get it out of my mind now, and my kids are saying "mom, would you stop, or sing something else?" haha--- I still love that song, too.

    I sure like your new kitchen!

  2. Wow- Dottie really can fly!
    That's funny about the hen, Berte- one of my Silkies can't decide which eggs she wants to hatch. I think she keep changing so she can sit on cool eggs for a while, then when they warm up, it's time to move again! LOL

  3. Love your photos! The moth is beautiful! We had a few hens go broody last year, but I didn't want to raise chickies, so we kept taking their eggs! We really only have enough room for 10 chicks, so no room for new ones.
    As for cats, right now we have 7...4 grown and 3 kittens. Tomorrow at least one of the kittens will be in a new home. Whew! They are a lot of work, and kittens are psycho wild!

  4. That is one beautiful moth!
    I love your cat! How cute is that? I always catch mine up high too. But they don't climb the cabinets!

  5. Hi! First of all, I forget to tell you how much I enjoy listening to Gene Autry while I look at your wonderful blog!I grew up listening to him and others like the Sons of The Pioneers, Eddie Arnold, ect. We have the same kind of moths here. They land so high up that I can never get a good enough photo. Love your broody hen. Last year I had the same problem with my garden. We have been getting so much rain this year that maybe the watermelons might do good. It is frustrating isn't it? Seems like it is cheaper to buy it in the stores when all of your hard work and watering doesn't come through. Well....Dottie has angel wings! Blessings,Kathleen

  6. Hi, Miss Berte!
    This is my first visit (came over from Miss Kathleen's) and you've got me amazed and chuckling!

    HOW does your cat climb like that?
    And gets way up there in that basket?!?!? Good thing we have dogs, I would never find them if they climbed up on cabinets!!!

    The Anti-Monkey Butt Powder ... got to love it! You had me and my hubby giggling with that! You can bet that we'll be searching for it next time we're at Tractor Supply!!! Thanks (to you and your hubs!) for the product endorsement!!!
    Many Blessings,

  7. That is just the cutest pictures of the cat opening the drawers. Love it. Great blog!!

  8. A 4" moth? Wow! Too cute how your kitty climbs! Some cats just love to be up high. I had a roommate once that had a cat that would sleep on top the cabinets. I imagine it's warm there, too! :) Hope you had a happy 4th of July!

  9. How funny - look at that cat!!!

  10. Awww, I love seeing Dottie up there like a cabinet decoration. So cute!
    So sorry about your garden. Some years that just seems to happen, through no fault of our own. Last year none of my fruit trees produced any fruit at all. I was so bummed. We had a late freeze in May and June that destroyed all the flower buds.

    This year my trees are so heavy with fruit the branches are hanging down to the ground.

    It sometimes seems to all or nothing, doesn't it?
    I hope you are all blessed with rain and cooler temps soon.

    I enjoyed all your winged creatures photos. :)


  11. ps....I have a Silky that keeps going broody on me, too. She wants to stay in the hen house where the temps get into the 90's. gah!
    She's not even laying on any eggs, so I go in there and swoop her up and put her back outside. She actually seems relieved to be outside, too.
    It's weird how they get so obsessive about being broody and can't even help themselves.



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