Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trying to Keep Up

Wanted to share the morning view out my bedroom I blessed or what?
I have been trying to keep up with everyone's blogs but it's been a busy week. I've still got this cough hanging on that I can't seem to shake. Everyone keeps telling me I need to go to the doctor but, being a nurse, I seem to put that on the back burner. The sour economy is hitting us so I've resorted to going back to work a couple days a week. I have plenty to keep me busy here at the farm but it's not paying the bills. Last Saturday Buddy and I spent a long 4 hours out in the hot sun selling eggs and pecan wood. We had a little luck.
If you're keeping up with the egg count, you'll see that there's no consistency. It's been so blasted hot here, even the chickens have been standing in their water buckets trying to cool off. I've opened the door to the chicken house where their nest boxes are, thinking that it might cool it off in there a little bit.

I was working about an hour north of here this past week and it was 106 degrees. That's hot! And there is no rain in our forecast. Looks like we're going to have another year of no pecan harvest. We're having to give the chickens and the horses alfalfa because all the grass has dried up.

One thing that we do have around here on the farm is this sticky sap on everything. It's looks like dew but it's sticky. One picture is this yuk on the gate and the other is a picture of the window on my truck. It washes off with water but it's a nuisance! And it's not a good's actually aphids feeding on the pecan trees.

I hate to even post this picture but I can see how I've even neglected the garden. I'm ready to mow it down. We're still waiting on watermelons and corn but I'm plowing under all the rest...the beans never produced...lots of blooms but no beans. Too late and too hot. Same with tomatoes.. I'll go out there later and try to get some pics.
I'll still try and keep up with all your blogs.. there are some great posts out there.
Happy Trails...


  1. Berte, I am so sorry about your water problem. All my relatives still live in various parts of Texas and I hear alot about the drought. And of course Texas is famous for being HOT! We never go visit in the summer.
    Nice horses and a beautiful environment!

  2. Berte, I hate to hear about your pecan crop not making this year! We're beginning to dry out here in East Texas, too. It's just been hot and humid, but no rain. I've kinda let the weeds take over my garden, too. Still waitin on the corn and I have some late green beans and a few cucumbers left. Hope things pick up for you soon. Maybe your chickens need a little AC window unit??? =o)

  3. Wow, that is hot! I experienced 104 last year, and thought I was going to die! I'm sorry the weather is causing so many issues. I don't think the garden looks too bad! :) At least you are lucky to have one. Anyway, stay cool and eat some Popsicles! :)

  4. I have been so crazy busy with everything that is going on with Chrissy that I have not been able to visit some of my favorite blogs. I just had to come over here though and personally thank you for making that call. That was SOO sweet of you and you will probably never know how much I appreciate it.

    My husband gave me this dog as a birthday gift. With all that is going on with his health, I just cannot bear the thought of losing them both...

  5. Sounds like a bit of chaos... hang in there. Here is hoping you get some rain soon

  6. I am praying that you get some rain and quickly.


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