Friday, June 12, 2009

Are We Having Fun Yet?

So...this is pretty much the way I've been feeling this past week..about the way that Eve looks... a little week in the knees, leaned back and just plain "give 0ut". Last Saturday I started feeling bad and to add to it, it's been blazing hot here. I'm keeping a couple of the grandboys with me this summer so Grandma is trying to keep up with their energy too. I went to Farmers Market last Saturday to try and sell some eggs...okay, so I didn't grab a tent (and I don't have a huge umbrella) so I go attempt to sell eggs out of the tailgate of my truck. If I heard it once, I heard it 25 times "Girl, you need ya an umbrella." "Those sure are small eggs "(I'm selling them for 50c less than everyone else's because there are some that are smaller!)"What are those green eggs?" "You need to get out of this sun", "what are those? guinea eggs?", "You need to get you some shade". After two hours and selling only two dozen eggs, I called it quits. Plus I wasn't feeling great..sore throat and scratchy throat. So I loaded up my table and my boys and headed home to put my eggs back up and head back to the grocery store. When Grandmas are not used to shopping with two boys, it's a real experience. We quickly went through HEB and then home again.. And my throat is really starting to hurt... We get home and I go unlock the door, throw my purse on the table and am leaving out when one of the boys brings in two sacks of cold/frozen foods and puts them on the kitchen table.. great! What help! I've actually got some help to bring in groceries! So as I'm turning to go back in the house with another load the younger of the boys turns and giggles and tells his brother he has locked the door! NO WAY! Oh, yes way! We are now locked out of the house with two sacks of cold groceries along with my purse and phone sitting on the inside of the house while I'm on the outside of the house with the rest of the groceries. This was not funny! Fortunately, the RV was still parked next to the house with the fridge plugged in so the cold stuff went in there. So all of you are thinking..why don't you just go get the hidden key...well, we recently moved in and quite frankly, I haven't given any thought to needing to hide a key just yet... but now I do! I try and find things that need to be done outside but there is always something that is needed from inside to complete the task. We sit and wait...I don't even my phone to call anyone. At least the boys have their bikes to where do they go? I look up and they're comes the younger one to tell on his brother...yep, they've been to the river. Now figure this... when I was kid I used to cover some territory on my horse... why is it that this grandma freaks out when the grandkids go to the river? How could I call anyone if something were to happen? I can't even yell my throat hurts so bad. What did our parents used to do? They didn't have cell phones.. heck, my mother never knew where I was most of the time. (hmmm.. maybe my mother didn't want to know where I was...) Anyway, we were finally rescued when Buddy came in from work five hours later. I was never so glad to see my shower.

The days pass and I'm still dealing with my throat and now a deep chest congestion cough but I'm the secretary (how I got roped into this duty, I'll never know..) for our family reunion of about 200 folks. It's my job to get the invitations sent out. We have a perforated postcard type invitation that tears off and you mail in your response. This same card has been sent out for umpteen dozen years. So I get them all done and to the post office only to hear that the post office will now not accept them because they are too small. Back to the address and stuff them in envelopes to get out to folks. Trust me, after all this, I'm passing the torch to someone else to be secretary!

My daughter came in from out of town to my rescue to help me while I was feeling so puny. This cough and congestion took it's toll on me this year. Theresa was a tremendous help with the kids and even helped give Harley her summer haircut. She feels so much better.

I hated to see Theresa leave after a couple days. She's missed out on being the recipient of daily treasures..

Yep, it was the younger one of the boys that came running into my bedroom the other morning to show me this dead rat he found.
Are we having fun yet?

Happy Trails...


  1. Man, Berte - I'm rolling on the floor at your predicament! Sorry! I remember so many times with my boys (not grandkids - I don't have any yet!) things happened along those lines! My boys brought me a dead bat during the time we were having a rabies scare and of course I had to call the doctor immediately.

    Of course, it's SO much worse when you don't feel good. I hope you get over your crud soon! Oh I'm so sorry about the invitation thing! That Post Office! Hate that you had to do that all over again. I'm with you - get somebody else to do it next year!

    Hope your weekend is much much better!

  2. AAGGHH! I think I'm feelin' a bit like Eve myself! I've got our oldest daughter , her hubby, and our new granddaughter driving in from Montana (to Michigan) and am so not ready! Clean bedding on the beds, laundry caught up, kittens to get neutered....too much, too soon!
    This too shall pass, and you will be feeling better in no time flat!

  3. Dear Berte, I am so sorry about your illness and your turn of bad luck. And after the dead rat, I no longer lament not having grandkids.
    I think you need a long rest!

  4. That rat is sooo gross! Hope you get to feeling better. See you next week.

  5. Typical grandsons! It even gets more interesting as they grow older. I know from experience. I have 8 of those wonders! All grown now and great guys.
    Berte, sorry you had to be out in the heat like that. It sure is hot in Tezxas and Ok. Sarahe4e

  6. Oh my that a mouse???
    sandy toe

  7. Gah! A dead rat?! In his hands? Gah!

    What adventures and 'experiences' you've been having, my friend.
    I feel for ya. I really do.
    My kids have locked us out a couple times. We've been lucky that either we had an unlocked door or window or an upstairs window to climb up to with a ladder and squeeze in. I know our neighbors finally got used to seeing 'those crazy neighbors breaking into their home yet again' lol!

    I hope you feel better. I'm feeling a little down, too. The weather here has been dreary and I'm exhausted and dirty from sleeping in the barn for a week waiting for Miss Annie to deliver her foal.

    Hopefully tonight?



  8. So sorry for your hectic week, but the post was darn entertaining.

  9. I hope you feel better real quick! Can't believe you got locked out of the house! I always fear that it will happen to me, hasn't yet, we took our hidden key and gave it to my sis! She lives too far away to help me if I ever do lock myself out. Now I will be talking to that other half of mine, and seeing we get a key hidden again!
    Uh, I would not want someone coming into my bedroom with a dead rat! Yuck!

  10. First of all, I hope you are feeling better, you had me laughing from all that you have gone through....bless your heart. I know what you mean about worrying about the grandkids by the river. When I was young, we went to the lake almost every day. I would go off by myself exploring, go swimming and fall off into a deep hole, go bike riding for the longest one worried...when I had children, I constantly kept an eye on them. Maybe it's because the world doesn't seem to be friendly to young ones like it used to many predators out there. I would have just died if my young one picked up a dead rat and brought it to me! lol. Loved your post. blessings,Kathleen

  11. Hey Berte - I would've thought you'd have been able to smell the vinegar from here!


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