Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Week in Review

Well, what a week this has been. Hopefully, this is not a picture of what is to come with weekly posts. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I've gone back to work a couple days a week. No, I don't much like it but it'll keep my mind sharp...what? Who am I kidding? I don't need to get up and drag my big butt out in the wee hours of the dark morning to go tend to critters to keep my mind sharp! Okay, so I don't much like it but it helps pay the, that sounds better.
Let's see, I went to Farmers Market last Saturday and did pretty good selling eggs but Buddy called me while I was there to inform me that the dogs got one of the chickens. This is the one that kept flying over the fence to trek to the barn to lay her egg. A few days I would catch her and put her in the dog kennel with a nest in there, hoping she would like that. Nope, she'd lay her egg in there but as soon as I let her out during the day, there she would go to the barn. Well, Saturday she didn't quite make it to the barn...all we saw was feathers everywhere. My neighbor came over Sunday night to tell me the chicken was in her yard. Lovely.. So, one of the grandboys helped me wrangle as many chickens as I could and start clipping wings. Just to add this tidbit, after I get home from work yesterday, this grandson decides he's going to go finish the job so he goes out there and starts clipping wings with some little tiny folding scissors that he has had tucked away in his pocket. Holy Toledo!

I don't know what to do about the "guess the eggs" contest. If I were a chicken, I wouldn't want to be sitting in some hot nest box trying to lay an egg! Yesterday it was 104 here and predicted again for today. I have actually turned on the sprinkler for my chickens and they love it...they go run into it and do their chicken dance, run out and then run back in again. I never knew chickens loved water so much but when it's so dang hot outside, who wouldn't love running through the sprinkler?

Speaking of hot, here's another product review at the request of my husband..
Buddy works out in this blasted heat on a dozer and yes, his butt gets pretty raw. He came across this Anti Monkey Butt with calamine powder in it at Tractor Supply and says it's wonderful.. So, here's something for all the guys out there that work outside or anyone in the saddle all's Monkey Butt to the rescue! I have to confess, I used this stuff under the boobies and it's pretty good stuff. Especially for us old gray mares that have boobies that you can tuck into your pants.
So, for now I will close and hopefully be back before another week. I've got plenty on my to-do list today to keep me busy.
Happy Trails...


  1. Yes, thank you Berte. I'm very sorry for your impertinent chicken's early demise. Discontentment will often do that.
    And I am still laughing about the other stuff, especially the 'tuck in' ones.

  2. LOL!! ROFL!! Ain't it amazin' how we hear about other peoples "issues" and it gives us great comfort. Not that you have issues and I like that, but that I can now cope with my own issues knowing I am not alone!! Sorry bout the chicken. I lost one a few months ago. I put her in with the rooster, and two hours later she was dead. No wounds except on the tips of her wings a trace of blood. I think Perogi ravaged her to death...poor thing. Stay cool, gal.

  3. We got some Anti Monkey Butt powder as a joke for Christmas one year. We've never used it. I may have to try to sprinkler for my animals, it is getting hot here.

  4. I didn't realize someone made products like that aimed a people who sit in a tractor or saddle all day. That pretty funny labeling. I'm sure everyone has to pick it up to investigate what it is for.

  5. Ohh - that chicken story with the sprinklers is so funny. I can just imagine it! Makes me want chickens again..maybe next year.

    I use that Monkey Butt stuff when we go on long motorcycle rides - or trips.

  6. haha - Love Monkey Butt!

    Sorry to hear about your chicken, Berte. I know you warned her plenty - she just didn't listen, did she?

    I know how you feel about working. I hate it, but I had to "help out", too a few years ago, and I'm still here. I can't wait to quit!

  7. oh man- you are hilarious!

    thanks for the tip on the water. i'm going to do that tomorrow for our chickens.

    are you selling at the brenham's farmers market?

  8. Oh Berte, I am not sure how I missed your blog about going back to work. What kinda work? Danny would be so darned happy if I was nursing again ;-)

    I understand where you are coming from being a nurse and not wanting to go to the Dr. Last summer I had a bum shoulder that kept me completely lame with the pain for over a month and I be darned if I was going to the Dr or ER. I mean for God's sake I had given both of them 10 years of my life!!. I suffered and suffered and no one could understand why I was so hardheaded. I ended up taking some of my dogs Prednisone in the middle of night, out of desperation!! Hey it was all I needed!!! I hope you have some good drugs sitting around in the barn that will help you out too!!! LOL!!!

    I need to see those chickens running thru the sprinkler to believe it. It just cracked me and my grandaughter up when we read this!!! OMG!! Too funny!! I bet they did like it though!!

    Please take care of yourself! Let me know what kinda work you are doing. Good luck with the job no matter what it is!!


  9. Enjoyed reading your words and I had to laugh when I saw the monkey butt powder. Last week, is the first time I have ever seen tractor supply. I was in line and a cowboy was behind me....I wanted to pick up the bottle and read what it was about, but he....well....I wish he wasn't behind I didn't pick it up. lol. Glad you filled in the missing gaps for me. LOL. blessings,Kathleen

  10. I think I have heard of that Monkey Butt stuff!
    I can picture your chickens running through the sprinkler, you actually gave me an idea, I should set up the sprinkler for my crazy Aussie's on a hot day! I bet Sadie would love that! She would be in doggie heaven with a pool and a sprinkler!

  11. *ROFL* Oh Berte! I am so glad I'm not the only person who uses this for boobie purposes! I would have never confessed if you hadn't first- you are so brave!
    *sigh.... my hero...*

    Sorry about the wayward chickie... I guess she died happy and free...

  12. I'm loving the product!!! What a lift for today! Sheep C

  13. I bet it sells well as a gag gift. But how nice that it's actually useful, too. tee hee!

    Yep, I know all about those tuck in your pants boobies. lol! Mine sometimes get lost in my armpits when I lay down. gah! :D

    I hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend. Sorry about the working stuff. Take good care of yourself. :)


  14. I didn't realize they made products like that; quite useful, actually. Thanks for gave me a good laugh!


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