Thursday, June 4, 2009

Round Pen Work

I go out every night and put up my chickens...well, they put themselves up and I go out and lock up their little trap door so they can't get out and nothing can get in. Wednesday night is Bible Study night here and a couple ended up staying afterwards and visiting. It was great. We sat out on the front porch with a night's breeze. So it was late that I ventured to the back of the property to go lock up the chickens. I had my little trustworthy flashlight but still too dark to count fuzzy butts up on perches. I go out this morning and there's one out running around. Now why wasn't she in the house at dark? There's no telling where she was..maybe she has discovered she can get up in the tree. If you can see in the picture, our property backs up to farmland...this year being corn. So after thinking that I might be able to get away without locking up the girls, I figured I better not press my luck. I will continue to go out and lock them up every night. With days staying lighter later, I usually have to stand there waiting for all the girls to go up.

Several times a day I pass what used to be my round pen. I don't think I can really call it round when half of it isn't there. Last winter we didn't get finished closing in the hay and feed area of the barn so when the cold and rain hit, we hurriedly grabbed the panels to the round pen and put them temporarily up to enclose the hay and feed so the horses can come and go to their stalls. I think it's high time that temporary is about to come to an end. I need to ride. Last summer I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand and then broke my left hand after a fall while building the house. I'm longing to go ride. You can even see that the sand is missing out of the pen. When the guys were building the house foundation they needed a little bit more sand, so where did they go get it? Yep, out of the round pen. I have yet to replace it. So my project is to get my round pen back to being functional.

Girl, do something with that hair!!

Yes, I'm bad. Jess has been neglected. Look at her mane! She had such beautiful long mane and the other horses have just chewed it off. Now I need to go spruce it up.

I've got plenty to keep me busy with everything else I've got going on so better get to it.. hopefully soon, I can post "after" shots.

Happy Trails...


  1. Don't people know that round pens are sacred? Two painful hands is a good reason not to be working with horses, or not being doing much of anything at all. We use our hands for everything. How did you adapt?

  2. Last summer when I had surgery, my grandson stayed with me and was, literally, my right hand. When I broke my left hand, I just dealt with it. I don't think my left little finger will ever be the same again, but my hand is functional and I'm ready to get in the saddle again.

  3. Mornin' Berte - enjoyed your visit! Wish I could come to your place and ride horses with ya. They're nice lookin horses. I didn't know they would chew each other's manes/tails. Funny... I am still planning on gettin me a couple of horses when we get out to our farm permanently. I'm also glad your little chicken didn't get caught out last nite! Cheeky bugger! (as they say in England)

  4. I know what you mean about the chickens, Berte- I have been tempted at times to just say, "ah they'll be alright during the night"..(especially if I think I might like to sleep in the next morning... LOL) But I always go with my better judgement and lock them up anyway.

    I hope you can get back to riding again soon... and reclaim your round pen before it gets reclaimed for something else! LOL

  5. I lock all my animals including my chickens up every night. It can be a pain waiting for the chickens to put themselvs to bed. I can trick all the other animals into going to bed with food, but it doesn't work with the chickens. They go when they are good and ready.

  6. There is always plent to do! Danny & I can never get ahead!

  7. I love horses and yours are very pretty. I had a horse years ago and would love to have another if we had the place to keep em'. Town is no good for horses. My arthritis is terrible in my knees which makes riding difficult, but I might even like to have a miniature horse for a pet. We've been talking about moving to the country. We sure picked a great time for a life change:D

  8. I understand about grabbing panels to take here and there for a short while and it turns into a long while.

    We are so behind on things around here. I need to pull and hoe weeds for a whole week or two just to catch up on the garden.

    It was nice you could enjoy sitting a spell on the porch with friends. You are right, the night breeze and country sounds are just wonderful!

    Your horses are just beautiful!

    Have a great day.

  9. Oh, poor Jess's mane! My Paint Fritzy has a very long mane, I am so glad Brandy or the goats don't chew it!
    I hope you can get back out riding again! I understand the surgery, I had knee surgery 3 yrs ago, couldn't ride for over 6 months! It was so hard!

  10. Sitting on the porch with the summer breeze with friends sound so wonderful. I'm glad you had that time to enjoy.

    Silly hen gallavanting around out there by herself. lol!
    I, too lock my chickens up every night, even though it's probably not necessary. Their chicken house is completely enclosed, sides, and top with fence and nettings. It's rare that any of them stay outside, though.
    I keep a light inside my chicken house all the time, so when it's dark outside......the follow the light. hehe!

    Good luck with your round pen work. Your poor hands. I hope you'll be able to ride soon. :)


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