Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Fence

The fence around the yard is now complete. The guys got here early yesterday morning and worked until after dark using headlights on the tractor to hammer in the last nails. This morning I went out just before sun-up to introduce the horses to it. They were just so happy to get out of the catch pen. Anyway, we're very impressed with the work on the fence. It looks awesome! These are views of the side that will run along the master bedroom windows.

I just had to go out yesterday and take a picture of the guys putting up the brace for my walk-thru gate. I'm sure they thought I was crazy for taking their picture but each and every little bit of progress out here is exciting to me. I thank my Lord all the time for all His blessings. We have big plans for this place.

Here's the finished walk-thru gate going back to the barn. Don't you just love this tree? All this will be out back off the porch.

And here's the drive-thru gate. The road you see that turns off to the left of the gate will eventually be moved once the house is built. The road will go straight through the gate back to the barn.

Yippee!! I just got a call from the draftsman that the final houseplans are ready. I'm outa here to go pick them up. Stay tuned...I've got some exciting things I'm working on for my blog.

Happy Trails...

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