Monday, November 10, 2008

Drive-By's and Onlookers

I'm not meaning "shoot 'em ups" when I say drive-by's but I mean people slowing down in front of your house or property and just looking. What are they looking at? Is there something that interesting or funny going on here that I'm not aware of? But then I got to thinking about it and found that I'm guilty of doing the same thing! Have you ever done that? I have found myself getting slower and slower in front of someone's place to admire a picket fence or some clever decoration on a front porch. Our beloved Howard, the basset hound, recently walked off from home and never returned. The first time he walked off, I found him the next day 2 1/2 miles from the house. He then left three days later and came back the next day. This time he has not returned and we miss him. But back to my story, I am always looking for him in someone's yard or on their front porch. I do tend to drive-by very slowly. It just got me to wondering when so many drive down our county backroad and stop to look. Have they too lost a beloved pet or are they just out for a leisurely drive in the country? This farmland and countryside are absolutely beautiful this time of year so I pray that everyone is out enjoying the lower gas prices and spending time with the family by taking an afternoon drive.

Happy Trails...

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