Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy Day in the Barn

Today proved to be a very productive day in the barn working on the stalls. Buddy worked hard getting two of them to near completion. These two stalls are designated for Jess and Bridget. Of course, Prissy has ranked the privilege of being across the alley by herself.

Here's Prissy peaking around the corner... "Can I come in yet?"

And Jasper just enjoys being is good.

Looking good...just a few finishing touches. Then we start on Prissy's stall. The dirt in here is so hard it's like chipping into concrete. After a few buckets of water and some time, it's mission accomplished. Once complete, we'll haul in a sandy mix and shavings.

And here she comes back again.. "Now can I come in?"

The day was great. There was always a breeze today which helped shake out some more pecans. It seemed everytime we passed some trees, there were more on the ground. I did manage to get a few more picked up today. It's certainly not any kind of harvest but it's fun finding them. It brings back those feelings as a kid when hunting Easter eggs.

Happy Trails...

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  1. Looks great, y'all! It won't be long now, Prissy.
    And Berte... I can almost smell that pecan pie!


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