Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What month is it anyway?

Why are June bugs called June bugs when they show up in April?

Happy Trails,



  1. okay, what is that a picture of? I can't figure it out. Last night we left the main door open and the storm door was covered with night bugs. Water bugs were on the concrete, and we have no water! Hah!

  2. I dunno, but I recall as a kid, tying strings to the little buggers and "flying" them around in circles. And I remember how many of them there used to be.

  3. Ha! It's a picture of the water trough...the only place we have water standing! The chickens have scarfed up all the other bugs on the ground.

  4. we actually had some show up in March this year! :)

    Nice to meet you, Berte! :) I've heard that the C Texas areas are really dry this year. I worry about fire dangers for you all.

  5. I'm not sure - but I'll take them anyday over May flies!!! Those things hurt when they bite!

  6. Hello Berte!! I'm so, so sorry that I've been missing your blog posts--I've got to pay more attention--But life has a way of getting in the way and I miss things...There are times when I'm like the June bugs and I don't know what month it is either!!

    I hope YOU are doing well!! CONGRATS on the new grandbaby and I hope you get new chicks!!!! Take care!!!


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