Monday, April 18, 2011

Cool Water

It has been extremely dry here in Texas with lots of wildfires out in west Texas. We've had no rain to speak of and no rain in the forecast. Besides that, the humidity has been down to 9% which is unheard of around here. What green grass we have around here crunches under you feet as you walk on it.

I have noticed more and more folks putting out water for animals that can't find any water source. Most of the ponds and tanks have dried up. Here, at a lot next to the convenient store, is a sign posted that says "no pets allowed" but there is also a plastic pan set out for the birds. Only one bird stayed at the "watering hole" for the picture.


  1. Texas weather is truly like no other. It is unpredictable, and prone to sudden violence. The droughts are biblical in scope. And just when you've said that it'll never rain again, you'll get 9 months straight of rain.

  2. the winds blew in some horrendous smoke from w texas this weekend. you could see it, smell it and taste it. i can only imagine how intense it is near the fires. i wish you rain, but i know it might be a while...

  3. I will do a rain dance here in Oregon and send some your way. Mother Nature is sure mixed up lately. I can't even work in my yard for it is so wet. Oh well I've learn to just adjust and enjoy! By the way I bought my "annual" airline ticket to visit my friend in Granbury. I always have so much fun in your State.

  4. Hi Berte -

    No rain here either - even in N East Texas. We're under burn bans here and I've got huge piles of stuff that need burning!

    Even tho we're a good piece away from W and S Texas, the skies have been hazy from smoke. The winds have been fierce and dry.

    I hope we get rain soon... My garden is drying up quick from the wind. Hope everything else is going well for you!

  5. Sorry to hear of your drought. We've not had a big one here for awhile, but to me they are oppressive--I find myself getting depressed by watching everything struggle. On the same note---we've been getting some of your dirt up here in Missouri! We had one really crazy 'dirty rain' that they said was from Texas, and I've noticed that the rains we've gotten since seem to leave everything kinda grimy as well.
    Love your new puppy!

  6. I would gladly share some of our rain with you. We can't get any relief from it.

  7. Dear God ... stop....

    Send Rain... stop..

    well actually don't stop for a few days!.... Amen

  8. Yes it is just as dry in our part of Texas as well. Hope you are safe from the fires! Have a happy Easter! blessings,Kathleen


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