Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuggin' At My Heartstrings

Look at this little cutie pie..she just turned three months old and her mama doesn't want anything more to do with her. Her mama was one of many horses turned out to pasture...she cut her foot and never quite recovered leaving this darling baby. A friend brought these two fillies over for me to look at. This little one kept tugging at my heartstrings but I didn't keep her. It would have been soooo easy to take that lead rope in my hand and walk her out to the barn. Trust me, I was tempted.

This red and white paint is six months old. She's a sweetheart too but lil' squirt stole my heart.

Buddy gets home from work after dark and I showed him these pictures. As he looked at the pictures, he glanced out towards the barn and said he's not convinced she's not out there in the barn...hhmmm...

The metal is on the front of the house. The electrician and the plumber are due here tomorrow. It's moving along.


  1. So is she in the barn or not?

  2. Awwwww, she's precious! I don't know how you managed to have any restraint. I'd have caved. Poor sweet little beauty. She's gonna be one amazing looker when she's grown up, too.
    Awwww. c'mon now, give her a second chance....you know you want to. And hubby doesn't seem like he'd mind at all :D

    House is looking great, too!


  3. Lovely little beauties! I don't know how you resisted that little one. She's a cutie.

    Hey, Berte, thanks for visiting me and thanks for your prayers for our little friend, Ethan. He's doing a bit better today. I'm anxious to see how he fares over the next few days and weeks.

    Your house looks huge. Wow - maybe you have that little filly in THERE. She might get lost it's so big. Perhaps your hubby would never find out...

  4. It can be so hard to resist animals sometimes! But we must be strong. LOL

  5. Wow they are really making progress on your house!! I know you are excited. I love a metal roof! LOL about your husbands comment. My husband would have said the same thing.

  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by, glad to have found your blog, a pecan farm, how nice! Love the pony! And when you get too many lemons, make lemon curd, it's great, many uses! And yes there is frozen fog, had that too last week with the ice storms. I'll be back to see what your up too!


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