Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miss Monroe, Miss Taylor, Miss Berte..where are you?

Yesterday was crazy around here to say the least. Plumbers and framers here together. Where's the electrician that was supposed to be here?

My morning started off with a phone call before 8am from the plumber asking if I was going to be here because he had some questions. Yes, I was planning on being here all day. The plumber gets here first with his crew. There is still no wall between the shower and the toilet. So the framers arrive and are putting in the wall. In the meantime, I am being called out of the trailer about every 20-30 minutes.

I have to admit, I felt like a movie star being called out of her trailer, keeping the crew waiting with baited breath to catch yet another glimpse of me. And here I come, one more time, being so sure to hang on to the rail so I don't bust my butt as I saunter down the steps, thinking

"makeup! Where's makeup?"

So I go into the maze of framework and head over to the men standing once again with hats off, scratching their heads... what is with that? And then I glance over to see that they are looking at the narrow little space for the toilet... and I tell them right off without discussion "if you think I'm giving up buttermilk pie for the rest of my life so I can sit my butt in there, you are clearly mistaken...move that wall!"

The plumber kid...yes, I'll call him a kid..he could be my son.. quits coming to the door of the trailer to get me and, I kid you not, starts calling me on his cell phone! I'm thinking, "no, this can't be". About that time, I hear a big truck coming in...

What the heck?

Oh my goodness, it's a bathtub!
So I turn and walk away with a chuckle.. I don't even want to know...


  1. Mr. Demille I'm ready for my close-up......

  2. Poor thing!! Been there...done that!

  3. Sounds like quite a day! This is why we've never had a house built. I could handle all the details and people asking me questions all day.

  4. Oh, the joys of building! I like a nice, wide stall myself - no sense being crowded is there when we spend so much time in there. We need room for a magazine rack, baskets of TP, pot pourri, room spray, a nice plant stand and other creature comforts, don't we?

    my word verification is HINBO - ha - hineybo! speakin of ......

    Sorry, you're talking about movie trailers and my mind is in the gutter today!

  5. Bwahaha! Girl, you crack me up!!
    And I just gottsa know what i Buttermilk Pie?
    How could I have never had something that sounds so delish before?

    Move that wall another 4 feet, buddy!! More pie coming!! :~D


  6. Bless your heart! You made me laugh with the kid and the cell phone! I bet you were ready to get some rest that night! blessings, Kathleen

  7. Things are looking busy and exciting. Hang in there , its all worth it.

  8. Just me again - looks like I'm stalking you!

    I'm looking forward to the day when we move out to the farm. I have so many plans, Lord willing. I have been canning for years, I sew, garden, and I guess the next step is just getting out there. I've longed for that for 30 years.

    It was always our dream, and then came jobs and family. Now the kids are about gone and it'll soon just be us again.

    You have a beautiful place on the Brazos. I love your area of the great state of Texas!


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