Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Back

Did you think I'd fallen off the planet? Nope, just been super busy and ended up taking a little hiatus from the blogging. Buddy took off a few days to help get some stuff done around here because it's getting down to the nut-cuttin'. Speaking of... earlier this week it was another one of those days where there were just too many entities here at once...electricians, framers and, of course, my cute little plumber kid. Well, I was gathered with several of them in the house, including my plumber kid, having a meeting of the minds while Buddy was chasing Jasper, the golden retriever, out of the house. After mission accomplished, Buddy walks over to us talking and mumbles, yet still loud enough for all to hear, "you need to have his nuts cut out!" The plumber kid quietly responds "I'm just trying to help...". I about busted a gut! What next?!

I leave out of town for a couple days, leaving hubby to watch over things. I come back and find this huge honkin' breaker box on the end of the house!! My gosh, this thing could service an industrial park! And my house is only 1600 sq ft!
What the heck?

If you can't make it out, yes, that is one of the workers on the scaffolding "catching a few rays"...

A couple of days we spent putting in over 500 ft of water line from the well to the house and the barn. I don't think we've been that tired in a long time. But it does give you a good feeling when you do something yourself.


  1. Mornin' Berte. I swear, you sound just like me and my husband. Only in Texas does "nut-cuttin'" roll off the tongue so easily! Funny about the little plumber kid. We need to do some "nut-cuttin'" on our Lab Jake. Maybe he'll quit roaming and mind better!

    Ya'll have been busy. We've gotta rent one of those ditch diggers to put in some water line, too, out to the garden shed.

    Ya'll have a nice place. I love all the pecan trees. I'd love to walk through those shady trees in the late spring early summer and feel the wind.

    Have a nice week. Good to see you back blogging. I really enjoy your farm and all the goings-on!

  2. It does feel good to do something yourself. The house is coming along, shouldn't be much longer now!

  3. Oh but it is all coming along nicely! The breaker it does seem kind of big. Have you found out why it is so big yet?

  4. looks like it is coming right along. You will be so lucky to have acess to all those nuts right around Christmas. My mom and dad have pecan tress and they pick them out for me every year. They have me 5 gallons ready for me to pick up. I need to clean out my deep freeze first. How do you preserve them and am I doing this right to freeze them.

    As far as the breaker box goes, it will just give you reason to plant something big and crawly and bushy right there and it will discuise in nicely once everything is completed. Don't worry about it for now, it will be fine.


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