Monday, October 13, 2008

Work on the Road and House Site

What progress! Wow, so many of the "t0-do's" checked off our list the past several days. The dozer moved in and Buddy did what he does so well...create a work of art. His maneuvering the dozer is like watching an artist with a paintbrush. It's amazing.

All the dirt piles brought in last spring to fill in low spots have been spread out.

The rock was hauled in for the road.

After measuring and moving stakes several times, we finally decided on the exact location for our house. This is the before picture.

Then it came time to take out trees to accomodate for the house and carport. This was emotionally hard for Buddy to do. He does this every day but he still hates taking out trees.

Of course, Riley Joe had to help his PawPaw run the dozer and get the blade just where he wanted it. I'll post more pictures later of Riley helping out.
This is the picture after the trees have been taken out.

Ta-Da!!! Done! Now we're ready for more dirt for the house pad. He just loves playing in the dirt with the big toys.

Happy Trails...

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