Monday, October 27, 2008

A Time of Harvest and Thanksgiving

The end of October is upon us and the holidays are right around the corner. Today brought the beginnings of cool crisp air and leaves crunching under my feet as I walked around the orchard. This has to be one of my favorite times of the year. I thought today with the high winds that pecans would be falling but I'm afraid the drought will bring a very small harvest this year. The last couple evenings I've been able to pick up only handfuls of pecans...gee, maybe I'll have enough for a pie for Thanksgiving.

Now these have my name written on each one of them. I have two Celestial fig trees that are thriving and one Brown Turkey that isn't doing as well as the others. The Celestial trees are loaded with figs. Hopefully, I can get to them before the birds. I'll have to try the 'ol snake in the tree trick...for those of you who don't know, you hang a rubber snake in the tree to deter the birds from coming and getting the figs.

Even the animals are making preparations for the upcoming cold weather. Flocks of geese can be heard overhead as they're making their way south. The horses have their first winter fuzz coming on and, with grass getting sparce, they seem to have a fond attachment to the barn these days looking for handouts of hay and grain and apple treats.

Prissy is back with us so it's nice to have her home. One project we have at the top of the list is getting the stalls completed in the barn. Winter is going to be here before we know it.
Tomorrow I get the house plans back from the draftsman. It's pretty exciting to be able to see my sketch on quilting graph paper come alive to be genuine house plans with an elevation. I can't wait. I'm staying very busy with work, planning and working on the house, sewing and getting ready for some kind of harvest. I am so very blessed. I thank God for every new day that I wake up to, the beauty that I walk out to every day, the sound of the geese above me, that crunch of the leaves under my feet and the feel of the horses winter coat through my fingers. So for everyone out there reading this, take a few minutes, sit back and think of all your could be kids in the next room screaming that they don't want to go to bed or a husband who leaves the toilet paper holder with no toilet paper. Yes, you're blessed. Take them out of your life and you will miss it. Did you make it home safely tonight? Are you sitting at home with your loved ones? If you're reading this, you are blessed. You have your sight. My cup runs over and if you think about it, I'm sure yours does too. God's Blessings to all and
Happy Trails...


  1. Very nice pictures. I see from your header picture that you named your farm very well. Thanks for stopping by our farm!!!

  2. I so-o-o-o enjoy reading your posts about life on a pecan orchard! Sometime when I go down to D/FW I would love to go on down see Riverbend Farm.

    Yes, God is so very good to us. Last Monday I fell & broke 3 ribs. On Wed I went to Wichita, expecting to have a chest tube put in to drain blood that was pushing against my lung. Thoracic surgeon reviewed the CT scan, and he did not see enough blood to warrant the risks involved in a chest tube. Thank you, God, for that!

    If I can go down for the party on Nov 15, you and I will finally get to meet!

  3. Oh, Nancy, we will definitely keep you in our prayers for your health to be restored. It's going to take awhile for those ribs to heal. Looking forward to seeing you at the party.


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