Monday, October 13, 2008

Annual Weekend

Today is my day for catching up on all my blogging. It seems to take me forever to do this blogging and getting my pictures in my layout but I'll keep on trying. I can't leave out my annual weekend of watching Theresa's kids while she and Ken go on their annual anniversary trip. Each year one of them chooses how to celebrate their anniversary without the other's knowledge until the day of or unless one let's it slip out. It's really neat to see where they are in their lives at the time. I can remember keeping Ashlyn when she was only 5 months old and then last year when Theresa was pregnant with Kenley. Yes, that was a "not too far away from home" trip. And then this year when I had not only Ashlyn and Kenley but Julia, their foreign exchange student from Germany. She was a dear and a lifesaver. Now I know why Theresa has everyone on such a strict goodness, one has to be here, go pick up another, put this one down for a nap, pick up this one, feed this one, pick up the other one and then feed them all and finally, put them to bed.. aahhh... It was great but I have to admit, Nana was exhausted after four days. This is why God makes mothers and then makes grandmas.

Julia's new haircut. She came to the States with long hair and she keeps getting it cut shorter and shorter to a now fashionable swing.

Oh, look! They all have a fashionable swing haircut!

And my little angel baby being entertained by her big sister.

My dear, sweet Ashlyn. She was a big help too! Thank you Ashlyn for your big bundle of energy running up and down the stairs for me. This was one of her quiet times...they were few.
How can one Nana be so blessed! Unless you're a grandma, it's hard to describe the delight from a soft breath against your neck or the back of a babies head cupped in your hand during the night. What a wonderful feeling when a three year old asks you "what's that?" when pointing but being ever so careful not to touch the "chicken skin" on your throat. Oh, yes, there's joy in getting older and being a grandma. Thank you Theresa and Ken for letting me have those memories as you two have yours. Happy Anniversary and
Happy Trails...

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  1. That is so very sweet. I am glad you enjoy your time with them. I hope that it is a sweet memory for them as well. Thank you again so much for watching them. You do an awesome job. And it is nice to get away. We love you.


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