Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On A Clear Day

The harvesters have come and gone across the road from us so now, on a clear day, we'll be able to see forever. I never dreamed that I would come to love this flat farmland but I do. I still love the rolling hills and countryside in the "Garden of Eden" in Lee County as my father would put it but I do love our little pecan orchard. The past few days have brought heavy rains and our "lake" is back. Since we have two of the grandkids with us now, we have moved back to the house in town until the ground dries out. As depressing as it is to see so much standing water, Buddy and I have to agree that it is a blessing. It has given us plenty of time to decide the best location to build the house and what needs to be done with the land and which trees need to be thinned.

After all the harvesters had left, Jacob decided he was going to harvest his own little crop of corn to feed the birds. I think it ended up that the dogs were eating most of it.

Our house is still in the negotiating stage with the buyers. I know God, in all His glory, has all this in His big plan for us and it will all come together at just the right time.
Happy Trails...

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  1. Glad to hear that your part of the "country" has also gotten rain. What a blessing, and in August yet!
    My last grandkid of the summer has returned home to get ready for the start of school. Quiet around here now.
    Enjoy those kids, good luck with the sale of the "in town" house, and follow those dreams of the new one in your orchard.


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