Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Turning the Page

I guess summer is officially over when the grandkids have gone home, school has started back and Labor Day has come and gone and we put away our white shoes. What ever happened to the first day of school being the day after Labor Day? Ahh, the good 'ol days...
Buddy and I are going to be turning a new page in our lives. Our house has sold and we close in a couple weeks. The finality is just now sinking in since I'm packing up the last bit in the house and making arrangements to have utilities turned off. We are so anxious to get out to the orchard and start making all our plans a reality.
It's amazing the things that we carry with us in our lives. I am learning to not be such a packrat and unload a lot of things. We have decided that our lives on the farm are going to be simple. These little darlings will stay with us..

Buddy's Davy Crockett mug and my Hopalong Cassidy

Now these will go...

Does anyone remember these? They have to be 30-something years old! I looked up the definition of an antique. An antique is something that is 100 years old from the date of purchase unless it is an automobile and then it's 25 years. So...I don't guess the antiques broker from Antiques Roadshow will be coming up to me and asking "Do you have any idea what these are worth?" I think the Hefty bag wrapped around them will be worth more.

So I will sign off for now and get back to my packing, wishing you

Happy Trails...


  1. I remember those trays...I remember eating off of them as a kid. Those bring back some memories!

  2. Wonderful news about the house!
    Happy packing and Happy Trails ahead to Davy & Hopalong........


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