Monday, August 11, 2008

Kid's Play

Tropical storm Edouard brought us some well needed rain last week that immediately soaked in the ground but brought up new sprigs of grass. Not enough rain to help the pecan trees but we were so happy to get what we did. Last week also brought out the harvesters..

What a show this was! The harvesters came early Friday morning to get started on the corn across the road from us and they worked til about midnight. There were huge grain trucks in and out of here the entire time...even til midnight. I stayed up taking pictures of them in the dark but they didn't turn out. It was so eerie because the entire area was engulfed in dust stirred up from all this and the huge contraption on the left looked like something from outerspace in the dark in the dust with all it's lights. It reminded me of a spaceship.

Jacob and I have been making trips back and forth to the house in town, gathering up more to move out to the orchard. In between all that, we're still trying to make time for fun and adventure. One day was going to the city pool again with our neighbor's son. He and Jacob have become big buds..

The day came when he could finally go ride. It's either been too hot or too wet after the rain but the other day was perfect. Poor Bridget, she just hated to see us coming. It's been so long since she was saddled up but she was a sport about it. She always seems to come through for us and let the kids have their fun.

We put a birdbath out front but the birds seem to take a liking more to a mud puddle at a leak in a hose connection. Jacob discovered the binoculars and decided he would venture out with the binoculars and a pen and tablet to write down all the different birds he would see.
With a watchful eye, I saw him walking all around the place and then he purched himself up on the tractor where he could get a better view and jot down all his findings.
Oh, the joy of being brings back so many memories. I just pray that a summer with Grandma will be full of memories for him and many...
Happy Trails...

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  1. Enjoyed your new post and the pics, Berte. I usually check all the blogs first thing in the morning, but I've been so excited watching the rain from our porch that I am way behind on my "computer routine". Glad the move is progressing and that 'someone' is back in the saddle again.


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