Thursday, June 5, 2008

Meet Peggy and Patty

It's been a long time coming but I finally have my kitties, thanks to Lynsey at Yonder Way Farm. I always said once I get our barn, I'm going to get some kitties. Peggy and Patty have survived their first two nights out at the farm. The first night they stayed in their crate outside the barn under the lean-to. Last night I let them out loose in the barn. This evening when I drove up, two little heads poked out from under the barn wall and then suddenly disappeared. Then they were back...and then gone again. After filling their bellies, it was fun to sit and watch them play.

How did I arrive at their names? My sisters will remember this one.. when I was a little girl living in Houston, we had neighbors around the end of the block named Peggy and Patty Wingate. If you're out there after all these years and reading this, no offense. Well, being the middle child, my two older sisters naturally took up with Peggy and Patty... and I always got left out of their foursome. One day they all decided that I could be in there "club" but had to be initiated first. Remember those little turtles about the size of a 50cent piece that a lot of kids had as pets? To be initiated in their "club", I had to drink turtle water. Yep, that's the nasty water that filthy little thing was living in. And yes, I do remember drinking it and no, I was never allowed in their club. Duh! So now I have my own Peggy and Patty that are delighted to have me as their own club president!

Isn't this attractive? This is our newly rented Stop & Go Potty. I had to add this picture. A lot of you have been asking about setting up the RV and "facilities". So this little gem got delivered today and is a temporary septic system. We actually use the bathroom and all the conveniences in the RV but it goes in this and then gets emptied out once a week. So.... we're in business!

It's Official! We put the house in town on the market this morning. Tomorrow they can start showing it so keep us in your prayers that this goes smoothly. I do not like this part of moving. I have never liked selling a house or buying a house. I have completely turned this over to God to take care of. I have prayed and prayed about this and this is the direction in which I've been led so now I sit and wait..and continue praying.
I have to add that I have the best husband in the world. I've been putting out a lot of requests to him lately to "please do this" and "please do that". He's been awfully cooperative and supportive of me and all my little quirks. And I love the way he loves my critters! I love that he enjoys them as much as I do. We have so much fun together! I am truly blessed and my cup continues to run over.
There's a lot happening now so I'm sure I'll be returning soon..
Happy Trails....


  1. Okay I remember Peggy and Patty. I even remember the awful turtle water I made you drink. I was a wonderful sister! I believe I got a horrible switching for doing it too. Cute little kitties. Buddy you are a dear for being so sweet to Berte.

    Can I be in your club???


  2. The kittens are so cute. That is terrible that you had to drink turtle water! I am excited about the house...can't wait until you are out there for good.

  3. As soon as I read the title to your blog post I knew who they were named after. And if people only knew that drinking turtle water was the nicest and easiest thing you had to do to hang around the older kids! I was in "the little ones" club with you and I too wanted to play with the older kids in our neighborhood. But then again I got to change clothes 4 times a day if I wanted to while the older ones didn't! I love your pictures, keep the blog updated more often! And to both of you--Alan and I miss our Supper Club soooo much.

  4. HI Berte.
    Guess you read my post on Mimi's blog about having a problem accessing your 'comment' option, and also about "Piggy & Potty".
    Did they have a little brother? I keep thinking of a "Buster".
    Ah... memories of the olden (golden) days.
    Cute kittys but will they keep the snakes away?

  5. Ha! I forgot all about the Piggy and Potty. How funny! Aha, that can be the trivia question for the day..what was the name of the little brother? I can't remember a little brother but, duh, the mind doesn't work so great anymore.


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