Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crop Dusting Time

I only wished my boys could be out there with us today to watch this crop duster hover over the tops of the cotton. He was only inches away. At one time, he buzzed right by the fence line on his first sweep. This guy apparently does a lot of dusting for several of the farmers out there because we see him flying over different crops all up and down the highway. It was awesome to watch. This plane is actually very small. In one picture you can barely see the pilot. Besides my camera not taking rapid pictures, I'm certainly not the best photographer either. But it was fun watching this guy zoom in so close and then immediately climb back up high. What a daredevil!

It is so hot and dry out at the farm. Peggy and Patty are doing well. They are so much fun to watch with all their playful tumbles and sneaking up on each other. I'm so glad we got two of them.

Jasper is still around. He is at my feet constantly but I've come to enjoy his company. I don't worry so much about snakes with him at my side. It's kinda sad though...Buddy and I watched him today and he will sit and watch every truck that comes down the road in front of the's like he's waiting for his owner to come back for him. I keep checking the lost ads and nothing is posted nor have we seen any flyers out for a lost dog. So, in the meantime, Jasper has taken up residency at RiverBend Farm. That's okay..God sent him our direction for a reason. Who knows, someday his owner might show up at our doorstep and not know anything about Jesus and we can sit and have a long visit over a glass of sweet tea.

For some reason, I felt compelled to take this picture of the cornfield across the road from our place. We've got corn in front of us, cotton behind us and watermelons down the road. Oh, and they were out pickin' them today. The watermelons looked pretty'll be interesting to see how they taste with so little rain lately.
Well, it's been a great day and look forward to more days out at the farm. Each day it gets harder and harder to come back to the house in town.
Til later,

Happy Trails....

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