Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I finally got the picture transferred over from Buddy's computer. Now you can really tell how big this snake must have been.

I forgot to add in my previous post that we found bits and pieces of snakeskins in several of the outside storage closets on the RV. The rain is really bringing them out.

Last week when I was out at the barn feeding, I was petting Bridget and walked around to her other side to find a live snake on the ground. We both saw him at the same time and Bridget snorted and quickly jumped back. I was looking for something to get him away from there. All I had was dirt clods. Ha! Fortunately at that time it hadn't rain and it wasn't mud clods! So I'm throwing dirt clods at him and he goes right underneath my step to the barn. Great... I keep throwing at him and he slithers IN the barn. To remind everyone, we don't have electricity in the barn so I'm walking in the dark.. I open the door and there he is right behind the door on the dirt, curled up with his head out looking at me. Needless to say, that day I opened the big door to let light in before I went in the feed room. By the way, the snake went under the lumber pile and that was the end of him. I never got a good look at his head to see if he was poisonous.
I can't really say that this is the country life because the dogs found one right off the deck here at the house.
Today is yet another day of rain so it should be interesting. We actually need the rain. The area corn crops have shot up and the watermelons are taking off.
Happy Trails...

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  1. It's time to update your blog! I want to hear more about how it is out at the orchard.
    love ya, mimi


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