Monday, June 16, 2008

Velveeta Boxes

Have you ever given any thoughts about Velveeta boxes? You know, that little cardboard box under the Velveeta lid...I hadn't. Whenever I would open or finish with a package of cheese, I would think to myself "that's a pretty cool box" and then in the trash it would go. A co-worker that I can call a dear friend told me recently about how her family laughs at her for saving all the Velveeta boxes. Wow! I've caught myself saving these things! I have just about packed up everything in our house. My junk drawer in the kitchen is even packed. Well, I have started a new one and it's totally organized with Velveeta boxes. Instead of running my hand through everything in the drawer, it is neatly put in it's own Velveeta box. I've been thinking about all the wonderful ways one can utilize these handy little boxes. After letting this preoccupy my mind with all the different ways, I got to thinking that if I were a host on a home shopping show, I could probably sell these boxes! Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Okay, I'm really not nuts...or I don't think so...yet. But I do let my mind wander to get away from the daily hum-drum stress. So, if you haven't caught on to Velveeta boxes, try it. It sure beats buying all those little plastic partitions at the store and then ending up with a cabinet full of those. The beauty of a Velveeta box is that it goes right in the trash when you're finished with it.
Thanks Robin!

Happy Trails....

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  1. My goodness, I just had this thought last evening after making mac-n-cheese about what I could do with the empty Velvetta box. I ended up tossing it cause I knew my hubby would think I had lost my mind!!!!

    I'll have to go dig it out of the garbage, hehehe just kidding but I will start keeping them.


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