Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Creepy Crawlers

Buddy and I spent the morning making yet another haul to the storage container and then went to work on getting the water running from the well to the RV. Remember when we connected it last week, we had water running out one of the hoses under the RV to the ground. So my brave husband crawls under the RV to check it out and all I hear is "Oh, My God"... Oh, My God"... then he backed out.. There was a very large snakeskin under there. It was fresh because it wasn't there a few days ago. So... I crawl under there and gently pull it out. I lost part of the tail but holding it up, it was longer than I am tall! Buddy took pictures of me holding it but I don't know how to transfer pics from his computer to mine so I took pictures of it on my camera once we got home. It measures in at 6 feet! I put my little wrought iron wienie dog next to it (it measures 14 inches). The diameter of the snake is 3 1/2 inches. What's worse than crawling under the RV and finding a huge snakeskin? A huge snake!

As we continued on around the outside doors in the RV, we opened the door containing the batteries and it was full of cracked pecan shells. No telling what little creature was in there eating.
And we're sitting there thinking that we want to move in out there?!?
Despite it all and Buddy's huge fear of snakes, he did crawl back under there and accomplish getting the water running through all the faucets....so yea!! another step closer to getting out there... even with all God's little creatures we will have..
Happy Trails...

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  1. So, it's not what came first, the chicken or the egg, it's what came first, the snakes or the mice? My vote is the mice. One day you may wish you had more snakes? Not!


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