Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too cute!

I know I just posted but I had to post this...this is too cute. When I went out to close up the chicken house, Pong had made it all the way to the highest roost with the big girls. He's (remember I call him a "he") moved from a corner on the floor, up to a stick, up to the middle roost and now to the top. Gee, I hope this little guy makes it.
Goodnight all,
Happy Trails...


  1. Berte! Hi! So glad to see a post! Hate that you've lost so many chickens - I know it's the heat and the critters looking for food. Fact of life I suppose. I know your hens probably feel safer up by the house, too!

    Now I love that little Pong fellow. I hope he's a HE and I hope he makes it, too!

  2. /So sorry to hear about your lost hens and baby chicks. We lost a few the beginning of the year and it broke my heart too. We are very careful to lock them up at night and I even put 2 of my Corgis in the run sometimes just to get their scent in there as a warning!

  3. Hiya, Berte! Good to see ya! Yes, he has heart!


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