Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chicken Attack

Okay, I know..it's been awhile since I posted anything..no excuses. Just no motivation. I think it's the heat. The heat and drought is bringing up coyotes into the yard (or near the yard). My 20+ hens, one rooster and two clutches have been reduced to 8 hens and one chick. Talk about sickening!! And they are quick! Each day when I was on the lookout for the coyotes, it seemed they came up an hour earlier each day. I would glance out the window and see one trotting off with a chicken and before I could get out the door, they were gone. The only thing that saved them several times was the field fence between me and my neighbors'. They would just stand over there and watch me.
So now my chickens have been moved closer to the house. They are actually in their own yard in my yard. I love having them close. I love my chickens!
It's been 100-107 degrees here for weeks. There is no grass left. I'm now making mud puddles for my chickens to keep them cool. And I'm getting only two eggs a day...if I'm lucky.
I guess this is one way to keep a fuzzy butt cool...lay the egg in the mud!
This is my one little chick that's left. His name is Pong because when he (I call him a "he" in hopes he's a rooster) and the other little chick hatched, they looked like ping pong balls. Ping didn't make it.
Since I've moved the chickens, I haven't seen any more coyotes. I'm sure they're out there looking for something to eat and trying to find water.
Hope everyone out there is staying cool..
Happy Trails...


  1. That's a lot to lose to the coyotes. I hope they stay away from the rest of your chickens.

  2. i'm really sorry you've lost so many chickens to the coyotes. we have them here too and they've taken a lot of my neighbor's cats. i know they've got young ones to feed too, but it's hard...


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