Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I finally got the picture transferred over from Buddy's computer. Now you can really tell how big this snake must have been.

I forgot to add in my previous post that we found bits and pieces of snakeskins in several of the outside storage closets on the RV. The rain is really bringing them out.

Last week when I was out at the barn feeding, I was petting Bridget and walked around to her other side to find a live snake on the ground. We both saw him at the same time and Bridget snorted and quickly jumped back. I was looking for something to get him away from there. All I had was dirt clods. Ha! Fortunately at that time it hadn't rain and it wasn't mud clods! So I'm throwing dirt clods at him and he goes right underneath my step to the barn. Great... I keep throwing at him and he slithers IN the barn. To remind everyone, we don't have electricity in the barn so I'm walking in the dark.. I open the door and there he is right behind the door on the dirt, curled up with his head out looking at me. Needless to say, that day I opened the big door to let light in before I went in the feed room. By the way, the snake went under the lumber pile and that was the end of him. I never got a good look at his head to see if he was poisonous.
I can't really say that this is the country life because the dogs found one right off the deck here at the house.
Today is yet another day of rain so it should be interesting. We actually need the rain. The area corn crops have shot up and the watermelons are taking off.
Happy Trails...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Creepy Crawlers

Buddy and I spent the morning making yet another haul to the storage container and then went to work on getting the water running from the well to the RV. Remember when we connected it last week, we had water running out one of the hoses under the RV to the ground. So my brave husband crawls under the RV to check it out and all I hear is "Oh, My God"... Oh, My God"... then he backed out.. There was a very large snakeskin under there. It was fresh because it wasn't there a few days ago. So... I crawl under there and gently pull it out. I lost part of the tail but holding it up, it was longer than I am tall! Buddy took pictures of me holding it but I don't know how to transfer pics from his computer to mine so I took pictures of it on my camera once we got home. It measures in at 6 feet! I put my little wrought iron wienie dog next to it (it measures 14 inches). The diameter of the snake is 3 1/2 inches. What's worse than crawling under the RV and finding a huge snakeskin? A huge snake!

As we continued on around the outside doors in the RV, we opened the door containing the batteries and it was full of cracked pecan shells. No telling what little creature was in there eating.
And we're sitting there thinking that we want to move in out there?!?
Despite it all and Buddy's huge fear of snakes, he did crawl back under there and accomplish getting the water running through all the yea!! another step closer to getting out there... even with all God's little creatures we will have..
Happy Trails...

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's a Slow Process

It's been almost a month since my last post but we're slowly making headway. It seems like every time we seem to get ahead a little bit, here comes more rain which creates more delays. Buddy had 13 loads of dirt hauled in to work on the road and put in low spots but he hasn't been able to get in there with the dozer because of the rain. We hooked up the water from the well to the RV but have water coming out a pipe under the kitchen to the ground so now Buddy has to figure out how it was winterized...either a valve is shut/open or a plug is missing...always something. Not only am I anxious to get the water running in there to use the toilet but I want to get it cleaned up so we can stay out there.

I have to share with everyone what we found under the kitchen sink.
I was looking at this snakeskin and realized it's two! These two lovely darlings were in my kitchen doing their thing! How rude!

While sitting outside enjoying the day, I noticed this little creature making it's way on the picnic table. I have no clue what it is but, not only am I not a photographer but I'm not an entomologist. I wish you could see how perfectly knit together this caterpiller? is. It's like the wrapping is braided around it. Amazing. And it had this one horn protruding on top like a unicorn.
Between working and traveling to grandchildren's birthdays, we're continuing to get the house in town ready to put on the market. All the rooms are empty except for very little in our bedroom and everything else piled in the den. With high gas costs, we're utilizing every trip to the orchard to haul a load out there. It's dwindling. God willing, tomorrow will be another day to get a lot accomplished.
In the meantime..
Happy trails...