Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a Week in Texas

As I sit here trying to gather my thoughts about how to describe this week's weather, I recognize God's awe and glory in creation but also know that God has a sense of humor. My goodness, look at the animals he created - the elephant and the giraffe! But I wonder if God uses Texas to play with for His amusement. I wonder if He sits in His majesty thinking "I'll send Texas some wind and rain... I'll throw in some snow this morning...I'll give this part of Texas a dash of snow and this part a heaping pile of snow... okay, that's enough, I'll send back the blues skies and sunshine." I know God in all His glory has reason for this strange weather and one day, when I get to Heaven, I'm going to ask him about it. I have an ongoing list of questions to ask and people to meet when I get to Heaven.

Despite the changing weather, the barn man completed his part of the barn. Now it's time for Buddy and I to build the stalls and finish out the inside. This is so exciting! We can now move equipment out of the weather and get it under cover. The well guys are supposed to be back Monday to set the tank for the well. We've got a 50% chance of rain but I don't think that will prevent them from their work. After that's completed, we contact the electrician to run power to the well. Then we will finally have water!
Once the rain is over and the ground dries up, our work on the orchard continues. We have about 100 trees that need to be cut down and cut up, plus the ongoing chore of picking up limbs. We need to fertilize and put out ant poison. We are actually looking forward to all this. God has blessed us tremendously with this orchard.
Until next time,
Happy Trails....

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