Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

This morning I was looking at the pecan trees and noticing that they were getting ready to bloom, some more than others. In a matter of hours, I looked up and noticed that leaves has burst out from the tips of the limbs. How exciting! It was almost happening right before my eyes. Each time I walked up and down a row, I noticed more limbs showing green.

Then I walked over to the fig trees we planted last year and they have leafed out. It is so much fun to watch this farm bloom. Little by little we are getting there. We are still anxiously awaiting the morning that we can wake up there. It is so awesome to sit out there and take in all of God's glory. Just to hear all the sounds - while some of the birds are singing, others are cackling. Often we can hear a big swoosh as a big flock of birds decides to take flight and go to another part of the orchard. There always seems to be a breeze and sometimes it roars through the trees. There's the hum of the tractors working the fields and sometimes you can hear the big trucks in the distance flying down the FM road. As I walk up and down the rows, I can hear the crunch of the old pecans under my feet. So many of the coons and coyotes (and squirrels) have feasted on the pecans only to leave the shells. Yes, the farm sings and it calls me out there to sit and take it all in. God has blessed us richly. I am truly thankful that I have the ears to hear, the legs to carry me and the feet to walk this great place.
Happy Trails....

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