Monday, March 17, 2008

A Pretty Sight

This might look like just an ordinary water well tank but it's a very long awaited ordinary water well tank. Now all we have to do is get electricity hooked up to it and we're in business! Hallelujah! Each day brings us a little bit closer to getting moved out there. We've had some beautiful weather so we've been soaking it in. Last week, Buddy and I opened both doors of the barn and sat in the alleyway enjoying the breeze. We sat and talked and then sat and talked some more commenting to each other how blessed we are to have the farm and each other. Neither of us wanted to leave but dusk made us get up and head home. We are anxiously awaiting the day that we can call the farm "home".

My Men at Work...
We're blessed to have two of the grandboys come stay with us during their springbreak. Our first stop before arriving at the farm was a pair of rubber boots for each of them. As soon as they hit the ground, they headed straight for the "lake". It brings back memories of their father and uncle when they were that age. After only a couple hours, they were pretty much covered in mud.
The pretty weather has made it possible to get some more work done. Buddy was able to smooth out all the ruts in the road and work some more in the barn. Right now we're trying to get a couple stalls completed to be able to put the horses up in bad weather. Hopefully, that won't be necessary with the first day of spring this week. And I've got Spring Fever! I'm ready to order my chicks and am trying to decide on a design for a chicken coop. Time will tell if it's going to be a reality this year.
Til next time,
Happy Trails....

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