Monday, September 5, 2011


Do you see it? It looks like snow in the field behind us. No, of course, it's not snow. It's just plowed up cotton. This farmer, like most around here, are collecting on the insurance because of the drought and having to plow it up. So sad.

Did ya hear? We're supposed to have a cold front coming in. It's supposed to be in the mid 90's instead of 113-117. I'll take it! It's been too hot to do anything! Still no rain...

Farm news update -

flies - the jar helped but we still had flies. Hopefully, the change in the weather will keep them down. They're everywhere we go.

Pong and his mama didn't make it. That coyote's hunger was stronger than his fear and he came right up to the house. I watched for him a few evenings since. He came up a couple times and just stared at us. Buddy shot over him both times and we've not seen him again. Plus the field behind us is now plowed up. I hope he's gone.

Happy Trails...



  1. It's been a terrible summer for the Lone Star State. But we all know of the incredibly rugged constitutions of that breed of human being known as "Texans". October is coming, and with it, rain and cooler temps. Hang in there a little longer!

  2. We have flies something terrible now here, too, in Kansas... they are EVERYWHERE. I almost bought the Captivator at the feed store... now I'm glad I didn't. So sorry to see the fields plowed up... we have balmy temps here this morning, but it was a hot, hot, hot summer.

  3. it was 69 degrees here in NE Tx this morning, so i believe they're finally right about some fall temps! sorry about the coyote. we've had some really aggressive ones here this week too - 2 went after one of my dogs and a pack killed a neighbor's goat...

  4. I'm so sorry to read about Pong and his Mama...I'm also sorry about the coyote's hunger. I hope you get the relief that all are praying for!


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