Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gettin' Ready for the Next Wave of Cold

Thought I'd grab my camera this morning when I went out to feed. With the cold, it brings more than just putting out feed. I'm having to go out every few hours and break up the ice so these animals will have something to drink. I also fish out the ice so it doesn't freeze back so quick.

I am thankful that the wind has died down today. The past couple of days the north wind has sent hay out all over the place. Anyone have any desire for a worthless Longhorn? She is nothing more than an oversized dog with horns!

Here's my Jess..doesn't she have the sweetest eyes?

And Buddy's Cinch...he's just an all-aroung sweetheart.
Most of the chickens were in their house or huddled up in the shed. Some of them did come out and get their pot of hot oatmeal....yummm, they love it.

But it's pretty much very quiet and desolate out here...waiting for another round of cold to come in this afternoon. We're forecasted to have 80% of snow starting this afternoon ... 1-3 inches of it. This is not supposed to be happening in Texas!
Right now, all I hear is the clanking of the chains against the metal panels of the round pen. So I'll sit and wait by the fire...inside...
Stay warm and Happy Trails...


  1. It's a sunny 9 degrees here, and we have enough snow for everyone! Hope you see warmer temps soon:D

  2. Berte!
    So good to hear from you! You guys stay warm up there!
    I have to show my daughter your horses with their coats on. She is going to start riding lessons soon and just can't wait!

    take care!

  3. One more thing- what kind of wood stove do you guys have?

  4. Hi Berte - looks cold down there. They say y'all guys will get more snow than us! This has been a strange winter - thank you Al Gore for global warming. YEAH right!

    Your place is so pretty and your horses are great. I hope to have some in the next year or so. As well as chickens. I'm glad you've got your wood stove Just In Case!

    Stay cozy!

  5. Jess is a doll......and I love the chickens, I can't wait till I can have some, they're not allowed where we live now. We have plans to build on my husband's family farm in a couple years, and chickens are first on my list!

    I have to bust the ice in one trough here too.....the other one has a tank heater, and I love it! We can't get the other one to work properly, so I still have to break the ice in that tank until we can figure out what's going on with the heater.

    Bundle up and stay warm!

  6. ready for this weather to leave...where's our warm Texas weather????

  7. Love your horses, love you BLOG! I share your outlook on mint chip ice cream, frozen eggs, super bowl Sunday and gas prices... Prolly a whole lot more! I'd better go check around and see what else you've posted about. :-)So glad you visited me.
    ps- Bert is our goat, Romeo's our rooster - Lori wants to trade!


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