Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Christmas Eve was a day of preparation. Buddy and I had a list of errands to run to prepare for businesses being closed and tying up loose ends with the builder before the holidays. We had to go buy hay and feed for the horses, separate the chicks and move them out to the barn. We even made a quick run through the grocery store. Then home again last night to a very quiet little RV to do my last minute baking and watch some more Christmas movies. Yes, I seem to watch the same ones and cry at the end of every one of them. My Christmas Eve's have changed over the years. I'm not complaining. I thoroughly enjoy our quiet evening but it gives me time to reflect back over the years. I remember making sure that everyone had their gifts ready, wrapped to perfection and that all the stockings were filled and hung, waiting for the little ones to run downstairs with excitement that Santa had indeed arrived. Now it is time for my children to be filled with excitement as they make preparations for their little ones. Oh, the joy of parenthood at Christmas time.
When I could hardly hold open my eyes, I waited for my movie to end and then bundled up to head for the barn to check on the chicks to make sure they were fairing okay on the first night out in the barn. As I walked out under a clear starry sky, I could not help but think of how Mary had to feel as she traveled to Bethlehem, trying to find a place to deliver this wonderful moving little creature in her belly. How scary that must have been. What faith she must have had. As I entered the barn, I again thought of how Mary must have felt as her belly began to contract with labor and the only place they could find for this miracle delivery was in a barn. There was no one around to help her. It reminds me that when we sometimes are at our lowest point, feeling all alone, we are really never alone. God is always with us to comfort us and see us through all our troubles. And what a gift we've received. Our Father's Son, Jesus, sent to save us all.
So on this Christmas day, I wish everyone a very blessed Christmas.

Happy Trails...

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  1. Berte - how absolutely perfect for Christmas eve. You are so blessed with your farm and all the animals. I love your place!


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