Monday, April 14, 2008

God's Sprinkles of Pink

God has taken his paintbrush and frosted the orchard floor with sprinkles of pink buttercups. It's absolutely beautiful. We have diligently been moving more things out there in hopes of getting the house in town ready to put on the market the end of this month. One of the things we loaded up and planted out there was the patio swing - right in front of the RV. I can't put into words how relaxing it is just to sit out there and take it all in.
Our plan this week is to continue clearing out the house and getting it ready to sell. Everyday we are given blessings and today did not go by without my acknowledging a huge one. I have searched so many times throughout the years to find the phone number and address of an "army" friend I met in 1971. While going through old papers in a drawer, I came across an old post-it note with her address and phone number that I jotted down the last time we talked about 8 years ago. I thought to myself that since God let this paper come back into my hands, that surely the phone number will work. I called and it rang...and then Kaye answered. The sound of her voice made my heart sing! How blessed I am to have her back in my life!
Happy Trails....

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