Friday, December 24, 2010

Still Alive Here

Here I sit on Christmas Eve morning, having coffee and reading other's blogs. Yes, it's been awhile. One of my friends told me to just check in and let everyone know that I'm still alive so here I am. I just don't find what I have to say very interesting but here's the latest since forever. Wow, how God has been working in our lives! Here's a quick review.
My sweet little Gretchen is not with us anymore. She was extremely blind with cataracts and 9 days shy of her 11th birthday when yours truly ran over her out in the orchard. It will be a day and feeling I will never forget. We still miss her running this orchard.

On a good note, Button did come to live with us on the farm. What a hoot! This bottle baby was raised with the grandkids and the dogs and she still loves to run and play like she's a dog. Unfortunately for the dogs, Button's longhorns are growing and she doesn't realize how they hurt. We had to pen her up with the feeder calf for months because she was too friendly. It's pretty freaky to be walking the orchard and have a longhorn calf come running up behind you. She's better now about rubbing up against my leg. She'll come running and stop about 2 feet from me.

You can see our latest addition to the family in this picture with Button and Jasper. Gussie is a red heeler or Cattle dog. She is now 5 months old is my compadre.
Shortly after my last post, through a lot of prayer, Buddy started his own dozer business. God has blessed us richly. Looking back over the year, God has put in black and white our direction. In the past, I would wonder if we're making the right decisions but not now. God has been closing doors and slamming wide open others for His direction. With the dozer business, it has allowed Buddy the freedom to do God's ministry and, without a long drawn out story, Buddy is a cowboy church planter and is pastoring the start-up of a cowboy church in Navasota. It is amazing to see God's work being done. Buddy's old rodeo and roping buddies are pretty much taken aback when they find out he's a pastor. How often we hear "You're a...pastor?!" God works in mysterious ways. He's the potter and we're the clay! This is certainly not something we set out to do.. it is definitely a calling.
This is a pretty quick post to cover several months but I have a dirty house calling my name. Ugh.. I will try and keep up with this.
Happy Trails...


  1. I am so sorry for your loss of Gretchen,our pets mean so much to us. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  2. HELLO BERTE!! It is so good to see a post from you!! I know how life gets in the way from doing things like blogging--And it certainly has its ups and downs, doesn't it? I'm so sorry about the loss of your precious Gretchen, but am glad that the empty spot has been filled with Gussie! I'm also glad that while you've been away your life has been filled and richly blessed! I do so hope that you and your family have a wonderful and enjoyable day today, and that tomorrow is filled with all the things in your life that you love and treasure! I hope you're able to post again very soon!

  3. So good to hear from you again....I love reading about other people's lives. I have a blog too, and I know how life can get in the way and keep you from keeping up with it. I just updated mine today for the first time in a couple months too, LOL....

    So sorry about Gretchen, but accidents husband ran over and killed my favorite cat a few weeks ago, he was devastated, but I know it was an accident. Gretchen was a precious girl and had a wonderful life with you..... you should be proud!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Gretchen but she had a long life. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Well, just lookie here who's out there in blogland again! Berte!!! SOOOO good to see you!!! I've thought about you so often!

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about little Gretchen!!! My mom did that when I was young, and it about killed her! Oh I'm so sorry for you, too!!!!

    Button is a cutie and so is Gussie. We want to get us a Blue maybe next summer or so. My daughter lives west of here and they all have cow dogs and she was offered a free Blue Heeler a couple of weeks ago, but we can't take one just yet!

    I'm so thrilled about Buddy's work, Berte - the Lord moves in mysterious ways, doesn't he? All we gotta do sometimes is just watch and pray and wait for Him to do His work in us.

    It's so great to see you posting again - please don't be a stranger!!! Merry Christmas!

  6. So good to see you back! I'm very sorry to hear about Gretchen. I know how very painful that is. I once ran over our family cat and still it's something I'll never forget. We all try so hard to make a safe home/life for our pets, but sometimes these things happen --guess that is why they are called accidents. Glad to see little Gussie filling in some of empty spots. It really sounds as if God has definite directions and plans he wants you all to follow! Awesome.

  7. Greetings from rain soaked Southern California.

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to :-)

    May God bless you and your family in 2011 ~Ron

    And always remember... Smiles don't have to be saved for a rainy day. It's good to waste them :-)

  8. I'm so sorry about Gretchen. She lived a long happy life with you!
    Love your new cattle dog, and your longhorns. Those pics in the last pic are amazing!!!


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