Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finally Some Progress

So much has happened this week. First of all, the materials for the barn have been delivered and then, the water well rig has been moved in and the two pits have been dug. Those two pits for the sludge and mud are deep. I would guess them to be about 8-10 feet deep. Now we sit and wait for it to dry out again. We were blasted with heavy rains last night and more are expected this evening. I have to say, I'm impressed with the new water well company we contacted. They don't mess around. I signed the papers on Wednesday and they delivered the rig yesterday. We know God is sending all this rain for good reason but we continue to pray for understanding the delay it's creating for us. Again, we are so blessed and thankful for all the rain it's providing for the trees and the local farmers.

I have to share an interesting tidbit with everyone. While we were out there working, I was trimming the poison ivy vines growing up the trees. Buddy took on the task last year and got a lot of them done so this year it was my turn to work on some of the trees that are left. Even though the poison ivy is supposed to be dormant right now, I'm still lathering myself with Benadryl cream and alcohol to fight off the itching. Okay, back to my interesting tidbit... we came upon this tree that had a piece of metal sticking out of it. We figure that years ago someone must have layed what looks to be a piece of broken tractor spade in the fork of the tree, forgot about it and now the tree has grown up around it. I've talked to folks around the area and they say this orchard is about 25-30 years old. I wonder how long it took for that tree to grow around it.
This past week has been a week of love. I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day. I have been truly showered with God's love. I have been blessed with a loving husband, family and friends. This past week I got to spend some quality time with my mother and am so thankful for the fun time we had together. God's love for all of us is abundant.
Hopefully, this next week will bring blue skies and sunshine and I can post even more progress. In the meantime..
Happy trails..

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