Wednesday, February 3, 2016


 So much has happened since I last blogged but I've got to get back to journaling.  With hubby being a cowboy preacher, my life changes with where God leads us.  Never in a million years did I ever think that we would be uprooted from central Texas, from what has always been known as "home" for us, to moving to the South Plains of Texas where it is a whole 'nother world. We are now living in West Texas between Lubbock and New Mexico.  But we go where God calls us. We have moved from living along the historical Brazos River on a pecan orchard with 215 trees to a land of little rainfall and no trees.
We have experienced the Great Blizzard Goliath of 2015 - THAT was an experience!  The snow drifts were so high that we literally walked over the top of the fence to get to the horses.  It was nearly a month before we saw the last little bit of snow melt.

I have never seen quite as magnificent sunsets as I've seen here.  The whole sky lights up with the closing of a day.

I have to say that the people here are some of the most warm, inviting folks I have ever come across.  That is what attracted us first.  God made some very special people here.

You might notice that the name of my blog has changed with my physical location.  Too difficult to change the URL address but that's okay because journaling on the orchard is part of my life.
I'm looking forward to catching up on the blog since our move.
Happy Trails,

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  1. Sounds like everything is going great and you are adjusting. Looking forward to reading more posts.


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