Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flies, Flies and More Flies

I don't know what it is but we've been invaded by flies. Not sure if it's the heat or what but they are coming in droves to this area. We've got dogs and critters but these flies are everywhere around us. It's disgusting. It seems I'm not the only one with this complaint. Even when I hang clothes out on the line, they are all over them....yuck! For some strange reason, they are also very attracted to the concrete outside. I have put out Sevin Dust and they seem to love it. I have googled and searched for some type of fly control. I then try this ->

I read the instructions...simple enough. You can see in the bottle it has a tube of liquid in snip off the end, pour it in and fill half full of water. NO WHERE does it say to wear a gas mask or use gloves....this stuff is repulsive! I would closely compare it to the smell of dead fish and bad urine. I think that's what it is....old urine!!!! It's attracting some flies but not near enough. I also think it must have attracted every wild animal we have left around here.. the dogs barked all night.

I'm also saving 2-liter bottles to make my own concoction. First you remove the cap. Then cut the top part of the bottle off about an inch below where it stops curving. Invert the top into the bottom so the mouth of the bottle is about an inch or so above the bottom so it does not touch any liquid when filled. Then pour in vinegar...or, if you're so can pee in it. Slap a label on it and we'll all be rich! ha...just kidding but it's the same thing as the Captivator. But somebody did it and I'm crazy enough to buy it.

If anyone out there in blogland has any suggestions on how to get rid of flies and still keep the dogs safe, I would greatly appreciate it.

Happy Trails...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cotton Prices and the Texas Drought

This is the irrigation canal across the road from us that supplies the cotton crop next to it. It's looking pretty good.

And then this is the cotton crop behind us that is not irrigated. This year it costs $100 just in seed to plant 100 acres and, with no rain, if it's not irrigated, there is little yield. And we can only guess that cotton prices are going to skyrocket. Hay is like gold around here...hard to find..

This is looking out across my front yard. Just across from our brown grass is the road, then the canal and then the irrigated crops.

Well, it does provide a nice swimmin' hole for the dogs. It's pretty deep out in the middle.

Sarah's fitting in real good with the "crew" can see she's the first one headed back to the house! Maybe someday she'll feel comfortable enough to jump in the canal with everyone else.

Happy Trails...


Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Promise to the Dying

This one might be long so bear with me. Last year, a church member and dear friend of my husband's became ill. He was the same age as my husband. One day he passed out while driving and wrecked his beautiful vintage turquoise truck. Ray was okay but the truck was no longer driveable besides the fact that Ray didn't need to be driving anymore. Because Ray was no longer driving, it ended up that it was either me or Buddy toting him back and forth to the doctor and various appointments. His cigarette smoke about knocked me over but Ray was, of course, very respectful of not smoking in my truck so I never pushed the issue of suggesting quitting to him. And at the point, why would I? Shortly, after the first of the year, Ray was diagnosed as terminal and died in April. Now, after all that, comes my story. Ray had one stone deaf little dog, a wild dog that no one could get near and was elusive because the entire time Ray was alive, I never saw her, and four cats as old as dirt. Ray found Jesus as his Savior the last year or so of his life and never doubted for once where he was going after death. He had time to make arrangements for the deaf dog but was worried sick about Sarah because no one could get near her. Of course, in the last few weeks of Ray's life, Buddy promised Ray he would take care of Sarah and to quit worrying. Shortly thereafter, Ray died. Ray's family all lives out of town so now we (get the "we" part?) were committed to taking care of this dog. To say the very least, I have been after Buddy to do something about that dog! We tried finding her a home but we didn't know a thing about her except that Ray had all his pets neutered and immunized.
We did know that Ray had her and her littermate since puppies and Sarah saw her littermate mauled by another dog and has been shy ever since...well, duh...I think I would be too.

Once I did spy Sarah, I saw that she had on a tag but getting close to her was another thing. Four months later...yes, I said four months, I told Buddy I was going to sit and wait it out in the heat and get Sarah. Ray's neice had provided us (way back at the time of the funeral) with sedatives to use for her. Now was the time. Mind you, everything has been shut off over at this house since Ray's death so we've been toting water over there...and it was hot! To shorten this story, the sedative never took affect but I finally got her....yes! The dog tag was from a clinic in a nearby town. It was Monday and they didn't open til Wednesday. Since it's been 110 here, my dogs have been coming in and so did Sarah...and always on a long leash while outside. She's been with me constantly. Wednesday comes and I call the clinic..wouldn't you know it? The tag on Sarah belongs to one of the cats! What?! I still know nothing about this dog except that she is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever been around in my life...and I've been around a few...ha! This dogs does not want me out of her sight! And I need to add, she is no longer on a leash. Of all the dogs that I have had to be "compadres", this one has chosen me. All because of granting a dear, sweet man a dying wish and letting him go in peace. Now, why is that? Neither Buddy or I can take Ray's phone number out of our cell phones. Maybe one day but for right now... we have Sarah Ray.
Happy Trails,


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just How Hot is It?

It's hot enough to start cooking an egg before it ever makes it into the house! Now that's hot! And if the heat is starting to cook eggs, what is it doing to my animals? I'm getting only two eggs a day so I'm gonna have to start catching them when layed to have any eggs! The forecasted temp for today is 107. This is dangerously hot to do anything outside.

Buddy had a big job scheduled for the next four days and it fell through..I'm almost glad he's not going. I know that God is watching over us and will provide. Times are tough for everyone.

Want some good news? This is too cute! When I went to close up my chickens last night, I noticed that one of my first batch hens (Dec '09) has adopted Pong. I've never seen that in chickens but I'm thankful. Not that he needs the heat from the underside of a mama but just that he has that sense of protection.

Happy Trails...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cold Watermelon on a Hot Day

They come scrambling for some cold watermelon.
Even little Pong is getting in on it. He's a more Ping or Mama hen but he's making it.

Stay cool and Happy Trails...


Monday, August 1, 2011

The Texas Drought - Before and Now

Look at the difference between my header and this one now during the drought. Nothing but dry, dusty dirt and no pecans forming on the trees. Ugh.. It's 104 with an expected heat index of 110. I think I'll do some more praying and get out my umbrella.
Happy Trails...